The ANMAP conference is scheduled for three days in the first week of May, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 2-4.  The venue for the conference will be at the Gibson Medical Center (old Lovelace Hospital) Educational Building, Gibson and Valencia. Details will follow on presenters, speakers and other pertinent information.

You will earn 15 CEUs for attending the conference all three days. You must be in attendance all three days to receive your CEUs. No refunds will be given.

Details will follow under separate cover as far as speakers, presenters and other pertinent information.

Conference Price

Register by March 31, 2018 (Early Bird)
Price: $275.00

Register any time after March 31, 2018
Price: $340.00

We will accept COMPANY CHECKS ONLY and Money Orders if you are sending your form in the mail. Checks WILL NOT be accepted ‘at the door’, although we will be accepting credit card payments and cash. See pricing details above.

We will be taking nominations for the election of ANMAP officers in May of this year (2018); President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you would like to have a vote, nominate officers, attend board meetings, have access to meeting minutes, and have full access to Web site Members Only content, you must be a ANMAP Member. We invite you to join us here.

Two Ways To Pay

  1. Pay online through PayPal (preferred and highly encouraged)
  2. Download the registration form and mail in your form with payment – all details on form

Information For Online Payments

Click on the ‘Pay For ANMAP Conference’ graphic below. After we receive your ONLINE payment, you will receive an email with a special link to login to the Web site and complete your registration by filling out the Conference Registration Form. Your account will remain in ‘Pending’ status until you complete your registration. Please compete the registration form ASAP!

When you submit the conference registration form, your account will automatically update to ‘Active’ status. You will have limited access to ANMAP site pages.

If you have not received your confirmation or any other communication from us within a few minutes, please let us know right away.

Pay Online

Mail In Payment

Download the Conference Registration Form, print out at your convenience, and send it to us with your payment through US Postal Service. DO NOT SEND CASH!

File Format: PDF. All payment details are on the form.


We accept checks (COMPANY CHECKS ONLY) in the event your employer is paying for your membership. Otherwise, please send a Money Order (DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL) made out to ANMAP.


: If you are mailing in your registration and payment, you will be manually added to the Web site after your information is received by the ANMAP intake team. You will receive an email confirmation when this is completed with your login information. and other details. Make sure your email is written legibly on the mail-in form! 

Remember, your account will remain in ‘pending status’, until you login at the Web site and complete your registration and update your profile.